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Kenny Williams To Be Promoted In Front Office, Rick Hahn Will Be White Sox New GM In 2013

Kenny Williams and Rick Hahn both seem to be in position for promotions this offseason, but Williams said Thursday that they're currently focused on winning games rather than front-office titles.

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The Chicago White Sox are apparently readying for a reshuffling of the front office as reports have surfaced indicating that Rick Hahn will be the general manager next season while Kenny Williams gets a promotion of his own.

The initial report came from Bob Nightengale in USA Today, but numerous outlets have picked up the story and ran with it. That doesn't necessarily mean it's true, however, as Williams told the Chicago Tribune the team is focused on winning baseball games rather than what's happening in the office.

"No one's 2013 status, not even mine, will be discussed while we are singularly focused on winning a Championship and more immediately, tonight's game," Williams responded Thursday in an email.

Williams has been the team's general manager since 2000, but the role of "Team President" would obviously add a bit more clout to his stature with the White Sox. Hahn is currently the team's assistant general manager.

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