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Alejandro De Aza Believes He's Straightened Out Issues At Plate

Chicago White Sox CF Alejandro De Aza has struggled at the plate since returning from the DL on Sept. 2, hitting only .190 with a .277 on-base percentage. But De Aza was given two days off earlier this week in order to work out his kinks at the plate, and he came back on Tuesday night and went 2-for-4 with a home run. De Aza credited the time off with helping him return to form, at least for one night.

"I was having some tough times," De Aza said. "I feel much better. Sometimes you don't need to take a day off, but at other times you need a day or two to work on your approach and then try to use it in the game."

(via CSN Chicago)

More specifically, De Aza and the White Sox coaches believe that his swing had gotten a bit too long.

"Just try to shorten up my swing," De Aza said. "I was getting all over, roll over a lot. I was chasing pitches, jumping on the plate. But sometimes I pull off, which is not good for me."

De Aza is continuing his turnaround on Wednesday night. He's currently 3-for-4 in the game in the seventh inning.

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