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2012 MLB Standings: White Sox Still Up 3 Over Tigers

After winning on Tuesday night, the Chicago White Sox extended their winning streak to five -- and maintained a three-game lead over the Detroit Tigers for first place in the American League Central.

With the win, the White Sox improved their playoff odds, via coolstandings, to 84.5%, while Detroit's fell to 20.8% with Chicago's win. The Tigers only have a 17% chance of winning the division going forward.

AL Central Standings

Chicago 81 66 .551 0 Won 5
Detroit 78 69 .530 3 Won 1
Kansas City 66 81 .448 15 Lost 2
Cleveland 61 87 .412 20.5 Lost 1
Minnesota 61 87 .412 20.5

Won 1

Chicago has a relatively easy schedule the rest of the way. After the White Sox play Wednesday and Thursday against the Royals, Robin Ventura's team will head to Los Angeles to take on the Angels for a three-game series -- a series that the Angels will need to win in order to remain in the hunt for the wild card.

After that, though, the White Sox face the Indians and Rays at home in Chicago, before ending the season in Cleveland.

Detroit, though, also has an easy schedule. The Tigers have two more games against the Athletics, before hosting the Twins and Royals, and then ending the season on the road in Minnesota and Kansas City.

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