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MLB Standings: White Sox Lead AL Central By 2 Games

The White Sox still have a hold on first place in the AL Central.


The Chicago White Sox defeated the Minnesota Twins on Sunday and also picked up a game on the Detroit Tigers thanks to some heroics from the Indians. The White Sox are now two games up on Detroit in the AL Central as they head into their meeting with the Tigers on Monday. It's the last time the two division contenders will meet this season.

With a wild card spot looking increasingly unlikely for whichever club finishes second in the division, Monday's game is a little extra crucial. Detroit has had great success against the White Sox in the second half, but that hasn't helped it grab control of the Central. The current division standings:

AL Central Standings

Chicago 79 66 .544 0 Won 3
Detroit 77 68 .531 2 Lost 1
Kansas City 66 80 .452 13.5 Lost 1
Cleveland 61 86 .414 19 Won 1
Minnesota 60 87 .408 20 Lost 3

(updated 9.16.2012 at 10:54 PM EDT)

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