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MLB Standings: White Sox Hold Tentative 1-Game Lead In AL Central

The Chicago White Sox find themselves in a precarious situation. Few expected Manager Robin Ventura to have this team competing for the AL Central this late into the season, outside of a potential Detroit Tigers collapse. But they are competing, and hold a one-game lead in the division. The only problem? Detroit hasn't suffered a collapse, and are hot on their heels with two-straight victories.

Those victories, of course, were over the White Sox. Thursday will be game four of their final series against one another, and with both teams facing relatively easy schedules in the final weeks, it really could come down to whether or not Detroit can grab the lead with another victory.

It's a two-team race at this point, with the Kansas City Royals being third place in the division at 11 games back of the lead, while the Cleveland Indians and Minnesota Twins share the basement at 17.5 games back. This one will come down to the wire, but it all starts with winning the next game you play, and for the White Sox, that would be huge.

You can check out the full standings at here, but below, we've got the AL Central standings in full.

AL Central Standings

Chicago 76 66 .535 0 Lost 2
Detroit 75 67 .528 1 Won 2
Kansas City 65 77 .457 11 Won 3
Cleveland 59 84 .412 17.5 Lost 5
Minnesota 59 84 .412 17.5 Lost 2

(updated 9.13.2012 at 9:35 AM PDT)

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