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White Sox Attendance Still Low During Sweep Over Yankees

The Chicago White Sox were able to sweep the New York Yankees on Wednesday night. Apparently good baseball doesn't necessarily indicate good business, because the attendance in the stands was unable to come close to matching the game on the field.

Chicago has had some issues with attendance this year, but ESPN Chicago's Jon Greenberg expected that to change this week considering with the Yankees in town. According to Greeenberg's data, however, that wasn't the case when it came to the crowd.

The Sox's attendance woes have been well-documented -- they are averaging 24,506 fans, 24th-best figure in baseball -- but even Sox employees have been surprised at the low numbers with the first-place Yankees in town this week.

The White Sox drew 27,561 for Monday's game and 24,247 on Tuesday. With a chance for the first home sweep over the Yankees in 21 years, the Sox drew 26,042 Wednesday for a series average of 26,319.

There's always a chance things will get better as the playoffs draw nearer, but it doesn't look like it'll be easy for the White Sox if they couldn't even draw fans during a sweep of the Yankees.

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