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AJ Pierzynski Injury Update: White Sox Catcher Likely To Sit Out Two More Games

The White Sox said that injured catcher A.J. Pierzynski is likely to sit out for another two games with a strained oblique, even though he's on record that he would ready to go sooner than that. Resting Pierzynski is likely just a precaution by the Sox, particularly with the 90-100 degree temperatures the team is going to be facing in the next couple of games.

These are some quotes from Pierzynski, via Comcast:

"Hitting was the final hurdle. I can catch fine. I can throw fine. I did a full workout today. It's fine. Literally the only time I feel it is when I swing. It's not unmanageable, it's not unbearable, we're playing it safe than sorry and get better then continue to push it and have something crazy happen."

Pierzynski said there was some soreness in the week leading up to the injury, which happened on Monday. He says the oblique feels "100 times better" than it did three days ago.

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