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White Sox Owner Says MLB Should Contract 2 Teams

The White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf says he would contract two MLB teams if he had the power to do so.

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White Sox chairman and principle owner Jerry Reinsdorf, in a recent panel discussion with baseball fans, said he would contract -- as in eliminate -- two baseball teams from the MLB if he had the power:

"I don't see any baseball expansion right now," he said. "If it were up to me, I would contract two teams. But I certainly don't think expansion on the horizon."

When fans yelled, "What two teams?" Reinsdorf clammed up.

"I have a habit of getting myself into trouble," he said. "I just did yesterday. So I'm not going to (get in trouble)."

The White Sox play in one of the MLB's biggest markets, Chicago, and would conceivably benefit in a number of ways if the league dropped two of the smaller market teams. Not only would it reduce the amount of money the team would pay in support of smaller-market franchises, it would also reduce the competition both in games as well as in the market for MLB talent.

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