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Adam Dunn Grabs MLB Home Run Lead With No. 29 Against Twins On Monday

A year ago, Adam Dunn hit just 11 homers while batting .159 for the Chicago White Sox during the first season of a lucrative four-year contact. It's now safe to say those initial struggles on the South Side were a one-year aberration for Dunn. After hitting five homers in April, Dunn hit 11 in May -- yes, as many as he hit all of the 2011 season over 415 at-bats. Dunn's average has been sinking closer and closer to the Mendoza Line recently (he's currently down to .204), but the homers keep coming. On Monday against the Minnesota Twins, Dunn hit his 29th home run of the season, making him the new league leader in the majors.


The home run was Dunn's fifth of the month and first since July 15, when he homered in three consecutive games. Dunn now holds a one homer lead over Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers. Mark Trumbo of the Angels and Jose Bautista of the Blue Jays each have 27 homers this season.