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Kevin Youkilis Not Responding To Bobby Valentine's Comments, Looking Forward To Homecoming

When the Boston Red Sox traded Kevin Youkilis away, most people figured the rift between he and Bobby Valentine would drift away into history. Apparently that's not yet the case.

Valentine came out on Sunday and blamed the new Chicago White Sox slugger for their icy relationship, according to

"I think the comment I made early, he made a big issue out of, and I don't think he ever wanted to get over it,"Valentine said when speaking to reporters about Youkilis.

When asked if their relationship was strained, Valentine quipped, "I have no idea. It was whatever he wanted it to be."

Youkilis won't fight back against Valentine, instead looking toward the future, according to

"I got nothing about any of that stuff," Youkilis said. "I’m over all the Boston thing this year. There’s a lot of great past history, but this year I’m focused on the White Sox."

On a different note, Youkilis is looking forward to coming back to Fenway Park on Monday. The ex-Red Sox says he expects it to be an emotional homecoming.

"After the first day, they don’t want me to do well playing against your team," Youkilis said. "So you never know what you are going to get. I think it will be a good reception."

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