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2012 MLB Draft Results: White Sox Complete 12th Draft Under Kenny Williams

Hoping to improve arguably the worst farm system in all of baseball, the Chicago White Sox completed their 12th draft under GM Kenny Williams on Wednesday afternoon. It's the first MLB Draft to follow the new spending rules within the CBA, which were pushed for by White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf.

Generally one of the cheapest teams in all of baseball when it comes to the draft despite playing in one of the nation's biggest markets, that's no longer as much of an issue now that CBA rules limit how much teams can spend in the draft. Reinsdorf was one of the key figures behind the changes.

On Wednesday, the final 25 rounds of the draft were completed, allowing Williams to put the final touches on his newest draft class. The White Sox did leave their comfort zone this year by nabbing a pair of prep bats with their first two picks, but they proceeded to take just two more prep players in their subsequent ten picks.

Here's the full list of White Sox draftees:

  1. OF Courtney Hawkins (No. 13 overall)
  2. 1B Keon Barnum (No. 48)
  3. RHP Chris Beck (No. 76)
  4. 2B Joey DeMichele (No. 108)
  5. RHP Brandon Brennan (No. 141)
  6. SS Nicholas Basto (No. 171)
  7. RHP Kyle Hansen (No. 201)
  8. C Jose Barraza (No. 231)
  9. RHP Zachary Isler (No. 261)
  10. 2B Micah Johnson (No. 291)
  11. RHP Brandon Hardin (No. 321)
  12. RHP Eric Jaffe (No. 351)
  13. 1B Zach Stoner (No. 381)
  14. LHP Derek Thompson (No. 411)
  15. RHP Anthony Bucciferro (No. 441)
  16. LHP Jordan Guerrero (No. 471)
  17. 1B Abraham Ruiz (No. 501)
  18. C Sammy Ayala (No. 531)
  19. 3B Thomas McCarthy (No. 561)
  20. 1B Alex Williams (No. 591)
  21. SS Zachary Voight (No. 621)
  22. RHP Adam Lopez (No. 651)
  23. RHP Cory McGinnis (No. 681)
  24. OF Kale Kiser (No. 711)
  25. 2B Eric Grabe (No. 741)
  26. RHP Storm Throne (No. 771)
  27. LHP Zachary Toney (No. 801)
  28. C Zac Fisher (No. 831)
  29. RHP James Hudelson (No. 861)
  30. OF Jason Coats (No. 891)
  31. SS Jake Brown (No. 921)
  32. 3B William Thompson (No. 951)
  33. 3B Steven Nikorak (No. 981)
  34. LHP Jon Savarise (No. 1011)
  35. RHP Ryan Castellanos (No. 1041)
  36. RHP Kyle Martin (No. 1071)
  37. RHP Mitch Patishall (No. 1101)
  38. OF Thurman Hall (No. 1131)
  39. SS DeJohn Suber (No. 1161)
  40. 2B Mitch Glasser (No. 1191)
  41. RHP Sam Mason (No. 1221)

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