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VIDEO: Barack Obama Trolls Boston By Thanking City For Kevin Youkilis

Like any true-to-form sports blog, SB Nation Chicago is inherently apolitical. Urban-dwelling, 20-something art school grads certainly don't have any opinions on politics. Nope, not us. But if we were somehow invested in domestic affairs, the current POTUS would likely have our seal of approval.

President Barack Obama really digs Chicago sports. He's balled with D. Rose and Joakim Noah, he's tossed the pigskin around at Solider Field, and he finds it fitting to rock a White Sox cap in nearly any situation. All cool bros do.

Obama has never been one to shy away from slipping in his Chicago sports opinions at very-serious political events. What he did last night in Boston might take the cake, though. Obama used his mic time in Beantown to thank the city for giving his White Sox new third baseman Kevin Youkilis. He was booed thoroughly and viciously.

Boston Red Sox fans, if you hadn't heard, have a very high opinion of the new third baseman on the South Side. Premium grade trolling by the POTUS, right there. If that doesn't earn your vote come election season, WHAT WILL?

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