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VIDEO: Brent Lillibridge's Biggest Fan Is The Only Person Who Doesn't Love The Kevin Youkilis Trade

The only Chicago White Sox fan alive who isn't thrilled by the Kevin Youkilis trade has been officially located. Meet the newest YouTube sensation, a five-year old White Sox fan who was brought to tears over the South Siders' no-brainer of a decision to send utility infielder Brent Lillibridge and pitcher Zach Stewart to the Boston Red Sox in exchange for Youkilis.This kid obviously hasn't read "Moneyball". Does he even know what OPS stands for? What are they teaching in our kindergartens anyways?

Check out the video, after the jump....

So, that's kind of adorable, I guess. Just like every other White Sox fan, I think this kid will learn to love Youk. He walks, he hits for power and he's not Orlando Hudson. I see no reason for tears in this situation. Tears of joy, maybe.

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