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White Sox Vs. Brewers: Chicago In Close Game With Milwaukee, 4-3 In 6th Inning

After losing 1-0 to the Milwaukee Brewers on Friday, the Chicago White Sox have come out with a lot more fire in Saturday's game against the Brew Crew. It hasn't been incredibly easy to hold off the Brewers offense, but the Sox have managed to put up a slim 4-3 lead going into the sixth inning.

Left fielder Dayan Viciedo has been the man of the game offensively for the Sox, spreading out two hits in two at bats, scoring a run and pushing in three RBI thanks mostly to a two run homer. That HR was the biggest mistake allowed by Randy Wolf, who has been getting hit hard by the Sox all game long but mostly into the gloves of the outfielders.

Dylan Axelrod has struck out three while allowing only two earned runs so far in the game, but it's far too close to call this a potential White Sox win with such a close scoreline in the sixth. Milwaukee has started the inning with a lead-off single.

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