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MLB Draft 2012: Courtney Hawkins To Sign With White Sox For $2.475 Million

Chicago White Sox first round pick Courtney Hawkins will travel to Chicago to officially sign his first professional contract with the team on Monday, as's Jonathan Mayo reports. Hawkins will receive a signing bonus of $2.475 million, which matches MLB's recommended value for the 13th overall pick.

Mayo rated Hawkins as the 12th-best prospect in the entire draft class, an explosive athlete that flashes major power potential. Like most prospects that get drafted out of high school, Hawkins will likely take four-plus years to make an impact in the majors, but he's got rare star potential.

Upon signing, Hawkins will presumably become Chicago's best prospect, although the team has to be pleasantly surprised with the breakout of former first round pick Jared Mitchell this season.

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