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Hawk Harrelson Rant: White Sox Announcer Discusses His Outburst

After Jose Quintana was ejected from Wednesday's game for throwing behind Ben Zobrist, White Sox announcer Hawk Harrelson went ballistic, blasting the decision and umpire Mark Wegner's knowledge of baseball. On Thursday, he discussed the incident in a radio interview with 670 The Score

How he feels about the rant now that it is a day later:
"First of all I still have a headache because I got so upset yesterday. I took four Advil after that inning was over and then I had to take four more on the plane and then when I got home last night I had to take four more. Also when I got up this morning I had to take four more. It was a good series, the guy should not have thrown Quintana out, it was a mistake, and like I said the warnings should have been issued when A.J. got drilled and it was just sad. I said what I said and meant what I said. As far as the team goes it was a heck of a road trip."

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