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Paul Konerko Doesn't Think He Can Hit .400

At this exact moment, Paul Konerko is the best hitter in baseball. The White Sox first baseman raised his average to .399, the highest in the majors, on Sunday by going 2-for-4 with a home run against the Cleveland Indians. As Konerko continues to tear the cover off the ball, the Chicago Tribune's Dave Van Dyck couldn't help to ask the Sox's captain if he thinks he can become the first player to hit .400 since Ted Williams accomplished the feat in 1941.

Not surprisingly, Konerko doubts his own ability to hit .400.

"The only way I can see it happening is a guy who has one of those years where he was hurt almost the whole year but barely qualifies," Konerko said. "Pitching is too good. There's just too many factors that work against you.

"Ichiro (Suzuki) had the best shot of somebody doing it because he could run and was left-handed. If he didn't do it, I'm saying it won't be done."

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