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VIDEO: Bob Saget Sings The National Anthem Before White Sox Game

Throwin' this out there right now, guys: the Chicago White Sox are the most '90s team of 2012. There is mounting evidence to support this. They're managed by a '90s South Side icon (Robin Ventura), they're best hitter (Paul Konerko) debuted for the team in '99, and over the last week, they've had Snoop Dogg throw out the first pitch and Bob Saget sing the national anthem.

We have video of Saget's performance that preceded the White Sox's highly satisfying 14-7 win over the Cleveland Indians on Saturday, after the jump...

Come to U.S. Cellular Field next week as the White Sox celebrate the 20-year anniversary of Slanted And Enchanted, probably.

While this was for sure the weirdest national anthem of the weekend, it definitely wasn't the worst. That honor goes to the girl who did the soccer game.

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