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Reporter On Orlando Hudson: 'Every Person In The Twins Organization Couldn’t Wait To Get Him Out Of Here'

Orlando Hudson made his debut for the Chicago White Sox on Tuesday night against the Minnesota Twins by pinch hitting for Gordon Beckham. Hudson was signed off the free agent scrap heap after the Sox mercy killed placed struggling third baseman Brent Morel on the 15-day disabled list with a bad back. Morel had posted a mind-numbing .420 OPS in 113 at-bats this season, so the temporary switch to Hudson -- who's played second base his entire career -- is a bit of a desperation move, but a welcomed one. The Sox have to try to get *something* -- anything, really -- out of one of the diamond's premier power spots, and the 34-year old Hudson does have a history of hitting the ball.

Hudson appeared in 126 games for the Twins in 2010, hitting .268 and posting a .710 OPS. But according to reporter Jim Souhan of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, the Twins detested Hudson. Souhan joined WSCR's Boers and Bernstein show and called Hudson "one of the worst players I’ve ever covered."

More choice quotes on Hudson.

"He drives everybody crazy. He drives teammates crazy. He drives management crazy. He drives the media crazy. He might be one of the worst players I’ve ever covered."

"He talks non-stop. … There was a funny moment last year when he popped into the Twins club house on a road trip. He popped in to say hello to everybody and nobody turned around to even say hello to him. He made people crazy."

H/T: CBS Chicago

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