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White Sox Attendance 2012: Only Cleveland Is Drawing Less Than Pale Hose

Early in the 2012 regular season, the Chicago White Sox are drawing fewer fans than every single MLB team other than the Cleveland Indians, as ESPN Chicago's Jon Greenberg notes. Spring attendance numbers are often impacted by things like cold weather, but this isn't good for a team playing in one of the nation's largest markets.

Through 12 home games this season, the White Sox are drawing 20,521 fans on average, less than every team other than Cleveland, which is drawing a paltry 14,486 fans per game. Poor play can't really explain the problems with empty seats considering that the White Sox are above .500 this year, either.

Last season, the White Sox finished 21st among the game's 30 teams in attendance. They haven't been in the top-10 in the category since 2006, the year after Chicago won the World Series.

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