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Adam Dunn Nearing Historic, Ignominious Strikeout

The Chicago White Sox DH Adam Dunn is nearing a significant historical event and could very well reach it on Friday night against the Kansas City Royals. Jeff Sullivan of Baseball Nation reports:

On September 23, 2011, against the Royals, Adam Dunn batted three times and didn't strike out. That is the most recent game in which Adam Dunn hasn't struck out. He's run his streak to 36. 36 consecutive games with at least one strikeout, with 56 strikeouts in all. Dunn broke the all-time record for a position player some time ago. Now he's taking on the pitchers. Just one pitcher remains - Bill Stoneman [with 37].

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For the White Sox fans having a tough time rooting for a strikeout from their DH, Sullivan says don't worry -- strikeouts are a normal part of Dunn's approach:

In case you feel a little weird rooting for an Adam Dunn strikeout, note that this isn't mean-spirited. It would be one thing if Dunn were still hitting like he was hitting a season ago. But in 2012, Dunn's produced. His current OPS+ is actually the highest OPS+ of his career.

The White Sox and Royals at 7:10 p.m. CDT.

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