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Ozzie Guillen Suspension: White Sox React To Former Manager's Fidel Castro Comments

Ozzie Guillen's comments on Fidel Castro have made him the biggest story in sports just a week into his new gig as the manager of the Miami Marlins. After a highly remorseful press conference and a five-game suspension handed down by the team, Tuesday was a time for reflection throughout baseball. Naturally, the Chicago White Sox, the team Guillen managed from 2004-2011, were asked about their former manager's comments. Most of the team sidestepped the questions, but some didn't. Second baseman Gordon Beckham had this to say:

"You feel for Ozzie," said Beckham, who played three seasons for Guillen. "I think all of the guys in this clubhouse knew what he meant when he said it. It was like, this guy (Castro) has had people trying to get him, take a shot at him, and he's lasted 60 years. Sometimes Ozzie says more than he should."

Alexei Ramirez -- who hails from Castro's Cuba -- had this to say about the situation:

"I would just say whatever his thoughts or comments are, those are Ozzie's comments," he said. "That's more on him. It's one of those (situations) that there are some people who like Castro, and there are some people who don't. You're in Miami, it's definitely a different thought frame. But that's his opinion, and it's not the same opinion I have."

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