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Ozzie Guillen Suspended: Former White Sox Manager Apologizes At Press Conference

Former White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen was suspended five games on Tuesday for his controversial remarks regarding longtime Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. At a press conference today in Miami, Guillen apologized for his comments.

"I’m sorry that I have hurt a city, a country, a community, without any intention. But I did it. … I feel like I’ve betrayed my Latin community. I’m here to say I’m sorry with my heart and my hips. I want to say sorry to all those people who were hurt directly or indirectly. Especially to the Cuban-Americans in Miami."

The Miami fanbase is largely made up of Cuban-Americans and many media members believe this is the worst thing for Guillen to say given the long track record of human rights atrocities committed by Castro and his regime.

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