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Video: Here's The White Sox's Version Of The 'MLB 12' Commercial That Showed The Cubs Winning The World Series

Yesterday, a new commercial for the video game MLB 12: The Show depicted what it would be like in our fair city if the Chicago Cubs ever won the World Series. It proceeded to get passed around the Internet at an alarming rate. Our own resident Cubs fan Z.W. Martin went as far to say the commercial "ruined my day/season/life". If Cubs fans thought that was bad, wait until you what Chuck Garfien and the team at Comcast SportsNet did.

Here's an alternative version of that MLB 12: The Show commercial starring the Chicago White Sox. Who have, you know, won the World Series rather recently.

Internet high-five to the great Tom Fornelli at South Side Asylum for bringing this to our attention.

This earns a big seal of approval here at SB Nation Chicago. More creatively like this from the local mainstream media, please. Kudos to Garfien and CSN and coming up with an original idea and executing it perfectly. Extra kudos for having the fortitude to rib the notoriously sensitive Cubs fanbase. This is classic trolling, as the kids say.