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Picture: Old Comiskey Park Being Built In 1909

Jim Margalus of SB Nation's Chicago White Sox blog South Side Sox dug up a cool photo of the construction of Old Comiskey Park yesterday. Before we get to the picture, here's some info on it:

"View of the exterior of the new American League Chicago White Sox ballpark Comiskey Park, which was located at 324 West 35th Street and bounded by West 34th Street, South Shield's Avenue (formerly Portland Avenue) and South Wentworth Avenue, in the Armour Square community area of Chicago, Illinois. Construction equipment and supplies are visible in front of the curved, brick building. The skeleton of the roof over the grandstand is visible above the building."

Old Comiskey Park opened in 1910, so it seems likely the photo -- after the jump -- was taken in 1909.


Stay tuned to SB Nation Chicago for more information, and for in-depth analysis on the Chicago White Sox be sure to visit South Side Sox. Check out MLB Daily Dish for off-season rumors and reports. And for more news and notes from around baseball, visit Baseball Nation.