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MLB Offseason 2012: Chicago White Sox Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf Tells Fans Not To Write Off The Team

By most accounts, not a whole lot is expected of the Chicago White Sox in 2012, and it's tough to deny that a lot must fall together for the White Sox to compete for a playoff berth this season. But in an interview on Tuesday, Jerry Reinsdorf reminded fans that anything can happen in baseball.

"Don’t write us off," Jerry Reinsdorf said in an interview Tuesday with Comcast SportsNet. "Nobody thought we’d win the World Series in 2005, but we did. There are years when we think we’re great and we’re bad. I mean the funny thing about this game is that you can’t figure it out."

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Reinsdorf also got into some numbers and talked a bit about regression to the mean:

"If you take a look at what used to be the Baseball Encyclopedia, and you look at the stats of the players who have played eight, 10, 12 years, if they have a really great year they almost always come back to what they were. If they have a bad year, they almost always come back to what they were."

The White Sox will be hoping that Adam Dunn and Alex Rios can get back to previously established levels of production this season.

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