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White Sox Spring Training 2012: Paul Konerko Says Off-Field Distractions Cost Team Wins In 2011

Not a lot went right for the Chicago White Sox in 2011 -- new acquisition Adam Dunn had a terrible season, as did Alex Rios, and Gordon Beckham was still searching for his rookie season performance level. There were also issues off the field of play, and first baseman Paul Konerko says that cost the team some wins, especially toward the end of the season:

"There were probably games and days given away because of people worrying about things that were not related to the game of baseball," Konerko said Tuesday. "Especially toward the end last year we were just giving away games, and you know big-league players should be mentally tougher than to have that stuff bother you ... but then it all came to a head, and I guess that's how things go. If it didn't go that way then no one would see the need to make a change."

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Konerko also sounds happy to be getting a fresh start under new manager Robin Ventura, and says there will be no side issues with the 2012 team.

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