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2012 White Sox Rumors: Paul Konerko Mulling Retirement In 2013

In a recent interview with CSN Chicago's Chuck Garfien, Chicago White Sox first baseman Paul Konerko shared his thoughts about possibly retiring in the near future. According to Konerko, he would be surprised to be suiting up in 2014:

"Yeah, in all reality I would see it ending after next year or maybe another year. I mean, at some point you got to go home and be around your kids and have other things to do."

The White Sox slugger has played for the Chicago south side team since the Clinton administration, taking over full-time duties in 1999 and never playing fewer than 135 games since. Konerko turns 36 next March, but the good news for Sox fans is that Konerko at least anticipates finishing his contract, which lasts through the 2013 MLB Season:

"There's obviously this year and I have another year left on the contract, and I would not have signed up for that if I didn't think I could pull it off," Konerko said. "But at that point I'll be 38 years old going into the following year. ... I would never just play to say, 'Well, this team wants me and I can kind of hang on for another year and kind of go through the motions here."

According to Baseball-Reference, Konerko will not earn his usual $12M in 2013, receiving instead just $6.5M that year, with $1M paid out over the next 6 years, meaning his financial future should be well taken care of at that point.

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