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White Sox rumors: South Siders continue to survey free agent market

Things have been quiet for the White Sox at baseball's winter meetings, but the front office has its eyes and ears open.

Jason Miller

The Chicago White Sox front office, led by new general manager Rick Hahn, is in Nashville for baseball's winter meetings but haven't made a move yet. Things may (or may not) be on the horizon, though, as the brass has talked with agents and representatives of other teams as they gauge the free agent and trade markets.

"Today was a good day in terms of substantive talks with other clubs and agents and I do feel that there's progress made in terms of knowing what the likely alternatives are," general manager Rick Hahn said. "And I realize there's an expectation or a hope that some quote-unquote good news is going to come from these meetings and that may well happen."

(via ESPN Chicago)

The biggest news for the White Sox so far has not been who will be with the team, but who won't be. Both longtime catcher A.J. Pierzynski and 2012 third baseman Kevin Youkilis are expected to be allowed to go elsewhere, with the New York Yankees a strong possibility for both. Either could still come back to Chicago if other options disappear, but the team is reportedly making plans to patch those holes in other ways.

Hahn is in his first season as the White Sox GM after taking over for Kenny Williams. Williams is now the senior vice president with the team and continues to have a hand in front office decisions.