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White Sox's GM Rick Hahn will continue to work with Kenny Williams

Kenny Williams will still play a major role in Chicago's front office in 2012.

David Banks

Kenny Williams moved from Chicago White Sox general manager to senior vice president this offseason, ceding his old position to former understudy Rick Hahn. But the new titles haven't yet diminished Williams' role in Chicago's front office, and that's by Hahn's design.

"I called Rick about a week ago and asked if my input should be more or less than it has been," said Williams, who was previously the GM. "He told me straight out I need you to be more involved. I said OK and rolled up my sleeves. To be honest about it, I was glad he asked me to get more into it. I was getting a little bored."

(via ESPN Chicago)

The duo have been working together since 2001, and Hahn told reporters at baseball's winter meetings that the work dynamic is "not entirely different than things were before." The White Sox have not had an eventful offseason, but, like all teams in baseball, will be looking to improve during the winter meetings.

Hahn inherits a roster that went 85-77 last season but which features a largely aging core of players. So far, the biggest news this offseason for the White Sox is that catcher A.J. Pierzynski is not expected to return to the South side.