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White Sox enter offseason trying to keep pace with Tigers

The Chicago White Sox are keeping the moves the Detroit Tigers make this offseason in mind while they build their own team.

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

The Chicago White Sox are hoping to do a lot of things this offseason to get better, but their primary goal seems to be just trying to keep pace with the Detroit Tigers. The White Sox seem to believe that they can't only concentrate on themselves, but rather have to keep pace with the Tigers if they're going to be good next season.

That might be difficult considering the Tigers have already added Torii Hunter and will bring Victor Martinez back into the fold following his injury. Sox general manager Rick Hahn seems to believe that his team will be good so long as they're able to do just a bit better than the Tigers this offseason.

"As we look around our room and talk to our scouts and coaches and look at our clubs, we can't look at ourselves and say maybe we're an 80-82 win team," Hahn said. "We can't think in good faith that's going to capture the Tigers, given what they've accomplished in the players they've added. Fortunately, we don't look at ourselves that way. We like our team."

For what it's worth, the White Sox feel like they might have the upper hand in the pitching department with Jake Peavy returning and Chris Sale having another year of experience, but it'll take a few more pieces to catch up with Detroit.