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White Sox could deal starting pitching

Chicago's pitching depth is an asset many teams would cherish, but the team hopes to add another bat to the lineup. Budget constraints may rule out free agency, pressuring the White Sox to sacrifice some pitching via trade.

Stephen Dunn

If the Chicago White Sox make a blockbuster deal this offseason, they will likely sacrifice some of their pitching depth. Bruce Levine of speculates that Gavin Floyd could be the pitcher on the move, as many teams have expressed interest.

The White Sox picked up Floyd's $9.5 million option for 2013 following another solid season in 2012. Floyd will be 30 in January, and teams will likely be attracted to his consistency. In each of the last five seasons, the tall righty has logged at least 29 starts and an ERA under 4.40.

General manager Peter Hahn is also getting inquiries about Jake Peavy, whom Chicago recently signed to a two-year, $29 million contract. Peavy re-established himself as an elite starter in 2012, posting a 3.37 ERA with 194 strikeouts over 219 innings.

Hahn may not be in such a hurry to sacrifice pitching depth in exchange for hitting. But with an already-high payroll, the White Sox might have to resort to trading, since free agency is not a likely option. Hahn told the media:

"From my perspective [pitching] is one of our strengths and having that depth is not only a luxury, but a bit of a necessity. That being said, we may at some point dip into that depth and in order to address (other) needs we might not have the luxury of waiting around to spring training to do that."