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Josh Hamilton, Zack Greinke won't be targets for White Sox

The usual big moves will presumably be made at this week's winter meetings, but the White Sox say those moves won't involve them.

Jeff Golden

The Chicago White Sox don't anticipate signing of the big names highlighting this year's free agent market, such as outfielder Josh Hamilton and starting pitcher Zack Greinke, CSN Chicago's Dan Hayes reports. While big moves are expected to be made at MLB winter meetings that began Monday, the White Sox say they won't be involved.

Despite a competitive season that nearly saw the team make the playoffs before a last collapse, the White Sox saw their attendance numbers continue to suffer this year. The team says that parking costs and difficulty with reaching U.S. Cellular Field are the primary reasons for the attendance issue, according to a recent fan survey.

All things considered, GM Rick Hahn says that the team isn't interested in simply making a big move in order to stir up fan interest and potentially improve attendance.

Hahn says that winning is what will bring fans back to the ballpark, and that means, "It’s our job to allocate them to gives us the best chance to win, not to allocate them in a way that potentially increases attendance because it’s something splashy."

While adding players like Hamilton and Greinke would undoubtedly help, and Hahn admits as much, the club likely believes that spending that money elsewhere will yield superior results in the long run.