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White Sox should be pleased with Royals' decision to trade Wil Myers

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The Royals may have shipped the best hitting prospect in baseball out of the AL Central.


The Chicago White Sox will have to contend with James Shields for the next two years after he was acquired by the Kansas City Royals in exchange for top prospect Wil Myers, but in the long run the trade may be a boon to Chicago. The trade is being viewed by most around baseball as a huge gamble for the Royals, one which they may regret down the road as Myers blossoms and Shields ages.

The Royals also shipped out top pitching prospects Jake Odorizzi and Mike Montgomery placing their timeframe for contention firmly in the upcoming two seasons. JJ Stankevitz of CSN Chicago, though, questions whether that was the right evaluation.

Kansas City's window to win wasn't in 2013 before this trade. Maybe 2014 was when they took a step forward, with a few more top prospects getting comfortable in the majors.

Of course, the trade will play itself out on the field over the next two seasons. If the Royals make a run at the playoffs at the expense of the White Sox, Chicago may rue the day that Kansas City acquired one of the best pitchers in the American League. But if Myers is tearing it up as a Ray in three or four years, Kansas City may feel the same.