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White Sox add more scouts

Looking for greater coverage internationally, the White Sox will add seven more scouts this offseason.

Jason Miller

The Chicago White Sox want to cover more scouting ground internationally, and they will hire seven new scouts this offseason in an effort to do so, according to a report from Dan Hayes of on Friday.

With an eye especially towards international coverage, Marco Paddy, the special assistant to the general manager in international operations, was responsible for the hiring of five of the new seven scouts, as they will focus efforts in Latin American areas such as the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Venezuela and Curacao.

The other two additional scouts will serve in Chicago's amateur scouting department under amateur scouting director Doug Laumann, who now has 25 overall scouts searching for new or prospective baseball talent.

Paddy came to the White Sox prior to last season after spending five years as the director of Latin American operations for the Toronto Blue Jays, and, according to the report, devised a plan of attack that recognized the franchise's shortcomings in international scouting and how to properly address them going forward.