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White Sox GM Rick Hahn ready for hot stove to heat up

Chicago White Sox general manager believes there will be a rise in transactions in the coming weeks

David Banks

Chicago White Sox general manager Rick Hahn believes that baseball's hot stove is about to heat up. Hahn said teams have begun to target specific players and "conversations are starting to get a little more substantive and offers are flying back and forth."

Hahn has been talking to both other general managers and player agents as he looks to fill the holes on the White Sox roster. Catcher and third base are the primary targets for Chicago, and one player they have been targeting is Kevin Youkilis, who spent the later part of last season with the White Sox as a third baseman.

One player the White Sox won't be looking to use at third base is Dayan Viciedo, who played left field for Chicago in 2012. Viciedo has played third base before, but Hahn said they have moved him around a lot and would like to keep him in left field if possible.