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White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf talks about ticket prices, attendance

The owner of the Chicago White Sox, Jerry Reinsdorf, talks about changes to the team's ticket pricing.

David Banks

The Chicago White Sox did much better than most expected of them in 2012, but fan attendance was down, as the organization failed to draw two million fans to U.S. Cellular Field for the first time since 2004. According to CSN Chicago, one of the biggest issues was the fact that the ticket prices weren't balanced.

In other words, the cheap seats were expensive and the expensive seats were, proportionally, cheap. Owner Jerry Reinsdorf spoke on the ticketing and some changes that the team has made going forward.

"But then when you got into the lesser-quality seats, they were among the highest in baseball. So what we did was rebalance it. We raised the prices significantly on the inside seats and we've cut the prices substantially on the outside seats just to get where they ought to be."

The "good" seats were the fourth cheapest in all of baseball, according to Reinsdorf. There's no exact numbers on where the "cheap" seats ranked, but by his word, they were among the highest. So the team has taken the former and increased the price, in exchange for a lowering of cost for the latter.

Reinsdorf also spoke as to other issues with attendance in 2012. He blamed traffic for the team failing to meet that two million number, saying that the biggest problem is how long it takes to get to the ballpark.