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White Sox reaction: South Side Sox appreciative of unexpected playoff chase

SB Nation White Sox blog South Side Sox wishes the White Sox hadn't fallen apart down the strech, but they're appreciative of an unexpected chase for the playoffs

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Chicago White Sox didn't make the playoffs this year, but they weren't even expected to contend this year. White Sox blog South Side Sox isn't upset that the White Sox couldn't close the deal and win the division, but appreciative of an unexpectedly exciting season.

Take a step back and look what the organization accomplished -- they lopped $30 million off the payroll, and won six more games. The front office powerwashed away the mud the 2011 circus left behind by working to give Ventura the best 25-man roster possible under a variety of difficult circumstances.

That doesn't mean White Sox fans are content with missing the playoffs, or that the late-season collapse wasn't painful to watch.

Yes, September hurts. It wasn't a surprise that the Tigers came back to catch the White Sox in September, but the way the Sox lost the division -- inexplicably losing the ability to hit with runners in scoring position -- can leave a scar.