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Kenny Williams will work to get White Sox fans more excited next season

Kenny Williams will have a new title for 2013, and with that title will come the added responsibility of increasing ticket sales.

David Banks - Getty Images

Kenny Williams wants to make going to a White Sox game a better experience for fans in 2013. Williams is set to become the head of baseball operations in the coming weeks, and with that title will come added responsibility which includes increasing ticket sales. The White Sox were ranked No. 24 out of the 30 major league teams in terms of average attendance in 2012, and it was the fourth consecutive season in which total attendance has dropped.

The White Sox were in first place for the majority of the second half of this season, taking over the lead of the AL Central on July 24 and holding on to first until Sept 25. Attendance stayed low despite the competitive club, and Williams had the following to say about the matter (via ESPN):

"We have to ask what are we doing and what are we currently doing. Furthermore, what can we do to push ourselves a little bit harder and be a little bit better for the fans. Give them a better experience and give the fans a better reason to come to the ballpark."

He expanded on those comments to make sure it was clear that he wasn't just talking about improving the on-field product:

"It is not just the product we put on the field. It is also the product we are delivering to our fans to make them spend their discretionary dollars on our ball club and come to our ballpark. I am not pointing the finger at anybody who didn't come out because of the economy because I know they were watching."

The White Sox will open the 2013 season on April 1, at home against the Kansas City Royals. The full 2013 schedule can be found here.