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White Sox GM Kenny Williams says season was a disappointment

White Sox GM Kenny Williams thinks the 2012 season was a disappointment, even though few expected the team to contend

David Banks - Getty Images

The Chicago White Sox entered the 2012 season with modest expectations, but General Manager Kenny Williams says their failure to cash in on a surprise run at the division title means the season is a disappointment:

"We had a shot,'' Williams said. "Had we gotten in, we would have matched up against every team better than we matched up against the teams of the last two weeks. If we could have just played .500 for the last two weeks. So when someone says it's been a successful year, I'm like, no, you just don't know. Shoot. It's not. The only thing I take away from this now is disappointment.''

The White Sox spent 126 days in first place this season, but an 11-17 September allowed the Detroit Tigers to pass them and claim the American League Central crown. Chicago also went just 6-12 against Detroit this year. Considering the White Sox trail in the division by three games entering the last day of the season, just a modest swing in that record vs. the Tigers could have made the difference.