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White Sox's Paul Konerko is rooting for Miguel Cabrera to win Triple Crown

Paul Konerko says that Miguel Cabrera is his pick for the AL MVP

Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Chicago first baseman Paul Konerko has endorsed the Tigers' Miguel Cabrera as his American League Most Valuable Player pick. Cabrera is leading the AL in all three Triple Crown categories with two games to go, and Konerko had this to say about the third baseman's 2012 campaign:

"He’s the best in the world right now, there’s no question about that," Konerko said Tuesday. "I think everybody wants to see him do it just to say we saw it done. I don’t know what he’s going to do about playing or not playing today or tomorrow. I think even if he’s tied with home runs, I think everybody would like to see him win it outright. He’s a tremendous hitter. He’s so good, it’s not even funny."

Konerko also said that, unlike many great hitters, "you would 100 percent teach everything Miguel Cabrera does" to a child learning the art of hitting, and that in a "normal" park, Cabrera might have hit 60 home runs this year.