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Chicago White Sox loan Kenny Williams $2.15 million to buy new house

The Chicago White Sox have loaned Kenny Williams $2.15 million to help buy a new house in Chicago.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

The Chicago White Sox might be giving general manager Kenny Williams a promotion to team president once the offseason hits, but they've given him something else prior to that happening: a loan. CBS Chicago reports that Williams was given a $2.15 million loan from Chicago White Sox Ltd. The loan was used to help purchase a new 6,300 square-foot home in Gold Coast, near Rush and Oak streets.

According to the piece, Williams paid $3.5 million for the house, which was apparently recently renovated to the tune of around $4 million. The piece has some details on the house if that's your kind of thing, but the general gist here is that Williams looks as though he'll be a general fixture with the White Sox.

Chicago has competed well in the AL Central all season, with the race for the division coming down to the wire. And with the team far exceeding expectations, it only makes sense for people in power, like Williams, to be rewarded with some long-term security. This is definitely good to see if you're a fan.