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Adam Dunn Gets The 'Colbert Report' Treatment

At a certain point, it became a fact of life White Sox fans were resigned to that prized free agent signing Adam Dunn would never break out of his bizarre season-long super slump. At the moment, it even would appear to be a mathematical certainty that Dunn won't just break Rob Deer's 'lowest batting average since the Dead Ball Era' mark, he'll shatter it. Dunn is hitting .167 with 110 games behind his White Sox in 2011, and putting Chicago's offense in a devastating one-man headlock. We passed the point for hoping a slow start was a strange aberration for a hitter typically so reliable and powerful long ago; now the Sox -- if they're even still standing after this Yankees series -- are just hoping to somehow string together a few victories in spite of Dunn, not because of him.

Yes, Adam Dunn is a punchline, and a depressing one. Last night, he reached crossover status on 'The Colbert Report'.




That Cubs joke was really good, too.