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Five Things The White Sox Need To Do At The Trade Deadline

A look at what the White Sox should do at the July 31st trade deadline

We are just two short weeks away from the July 31st trade deadline. For fans of baseball, the trade deadline can be like Christmas morning. Who are we going to get? Who do we have to get rid of? What will our rivals do?  As a huge baseball fan the time leading up to the trade deadline is my favorite time of the season. I love the rumors even though so many are far fetched.

I thought I would give my opinion on what the White Sox should do at this years deadline. I'm a realist and know that nobody wants Jake Peavy, Alex Rios, or Adam Dunn because of the money associated with each.

1) Go hard after Colby Rasmus

The Cardinals don't seem like they've been happy with Rasmus for over a year now. Yes he is only hitting .246 on the season, but at age 24 he has so much upside that a change of scenary could be all he needs.  Similar to when the Sox took a chance on a first-basemen named Paul Konerko.

St Louis is in need of pitching. With Edwin Jackson and Mark Buehrle on the verge of free agency, you may be able to trade one to the Cardinals straight up.

Rasmus would fill a need that the Sox have in outfield. With Juan Pierre in his final season and not knowing what will happen with Carlos Quentin, an outfield next season of Rios, Rasmus, and Dayan Viciedo wouldn't look too bad.


2) Look to Move Edwin Jackson

When John Danks returns in a few days from the D.L. the White Sox will once again have a six man rotation.  With Jackson and Mark Buehrle up for free agency it's time to see what you can get for Jackson.

There are so many teams in the pennant race that could use another starter. Jackson is a quality young arm that would fit nice on a team needing another starter.  Give the Pirates, Red Sox, Rangers, and Yankees a call and see if you can get in a bidding war. They might overpay for Jackson and help the Sox out in the long run. I don't want Class A prospects, but maybe some young players that are major league ready with no position to play on their current team.


3) Extend Carlos Quentin's contract or trade him now

The White Sox have a decison to make with Carlos Quentin. He has so much potential and when he is having a hot streak not even the best pitchers can stop him. The problem is the hot streaks get overmatched by the cold streaks and defensively he is Juan Pierre with a better arm.

Boston is said to be in the market for a right-handed hitting outfielder and may overpay to hold off the Yankees.

I do like Carlos Quentin but if they need to break the bank to keep him, I'm not sure if he's worth it.


4) Please Kenny Williams, don't trade for Carlos Beltran

I love Kenny Williams and think he is one of the best GM's in baseball. He will always make moves and keep the team competitive as long as possible. Not to mention most trades he makes work out in the Sox favor. John Danks for Brandon McCarthy, Gavin Floyd for Freddy Garcia, just to name a few.

Various reports have linked the Sox to one of the team's interested in Carlos Beltran. Why? This would fall in as a trade just to make a trade. Plus the Mets would probably demand a top prospect, because other teams also have interest in Beltran. This trade would be similar to the Griffey trade in that Beltran, although having a nice season, is past his prime and would be a pointless two month rental.


5) Time to trade Mark Buehrle

Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of Mark Buehrle. Other than Paul Konerko or A.J. Pierzynski, Buehrle is the most popular White Sox player.  With his contract set to expire, Buehrle's best days are behind him but does still have some value. Trade the lefty now so you can get something for him.

The fan base may not like the trade, but it's one that needs to be done. Use the money that you are saving and lock up John Danks.