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Comeback Homer By Quentin Not Enough

Gavin Floyd had a mediocre night against Seattle, pitching 6.0 innings and giving up three runs on five hits, and it initially seemed that this start would be enough to doom the Sox to a loss.

That was because Seattle’s pitcher, Jason Vargas, was on all night long, shutting down the White Sox for 7.1 innings. Vargas gave up just one run until he was removed in the bottom of the eighth inning. Fortunately for the Sox, the Seattle relief pitcher was less than stellar on the night. Carlos Quentin blasted a two run homer off of Jamey Wright. This pulled the Sox into a 4-4 tie with Seattle.

The game would remain tied until the tenth inning, when Sergio Santos took to the mound. A bloop double by Justin Smoak, a walk to Adam Kennedy, and a double to Miguel Olivo later, and the Mariners had pulled ahead 6-4. They would add one more run in the inning, which would be all that was needed to secure the 7-4 victory.

The Sox will welcome another AL West team to the Cell starting on Thursday night, when they host the Oakland A’s. First pitch will be at 7:10 p.m. Central.