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White Sox Finally Show Baseball Sense; Don't Draft Ozney Guillen On Day Two Of 2011 MLB Draft

When the White Sox embarrassingly drafted Ozzie Guillen's son, Oney, in 2007, it was a huge disgrace. This year, they corrected that mistake, leaving Ozney on the board past the 30th round.

Ozzie Kisses Son
Ozzie Kisses Son

In 2007 the White Sox drafted manager Ozzie Guillen's son, Oney, in the 36th round of the MLB Draft. It was an embarrassment to the White Sox, the MLB and the Guillen family. Such a complete and utter disregard for the game -- in the name of nepotism -- destroys the meaning of player evaluation, roster building and, frankly, professional baseball. Before I sound all Bob Costas and Ken Burns-y, I say this because being a professional baseball player is not just any job. It *is* special. Extra significance *should* be placed on it. It is saved for only the best-of-the-best. Oney Guillen was not that. Not even close.

In 2006 for D-3 North Park, Oney boasted a staggering slash line of .227/.253/.293. Those number don't get you drafted, rather placed at the end of the bench. He continued his ineptitude at the profession level, stumbling to a .140/.215/.161 slash line after two minor league seasons.

Last year, the White Sox continued their family takedown of professional baseball, drafting Ozney -- the youngest Guillen -- in the 22nd round. The Guillen family anticipated them drafting him higher. It caused some drama.

To his credit, Ozney has actual talent, something Oney lacked in spades. Originally accepting an offer to South Florida, Ozney decided to play at Miami Dade College in order to be draft eligible for the 2011 MLB Draft. At first glance -- beautifully white washed by MLB White Sox reporter and Being Ozzie Guillen blogger, Scott Merkin -- Ozney had a good year at Miami Dade, "[posting] a .347 average with 26 runs scored and 33 RBIs over 44 games."

As Merkin himself points out, Oney is a "left-handed hitter, projected as a corner infielder or outfielder." Positions that one home run in 44 games at the JUCO level does not bode well for a professional ball player. Merkin, of course, failed to mention that, as well as the team leader hitting 8 home runs, or the .347 clip being good for sixth on the team.

Tuesday -- and 30 rounds of the 2011 MLB Draft -- came and went without a Guillen being called. This could be a sign of where Ozzie stands with the organization or it could finally be the White Sox showing actual baseball sense. Either way, the Sox should be commended for not redrafting Ozney.

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