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Adam Dunn Still Experiencing Discomfort, Wanted To Play Thursday

When word came out that Adam Dunn had undergone an emergency appendectomy on Tuesday night, the initial report was that he would be out at least five days while he recovered. Whoever came up with that estimate must not have asked Adam Dunn about his opinion on the matter. According to Mark Gonzales of Chicago Breaking Sports, Dunn had hoped to play on Thursday before he he decided the residual pain from his appendectomy was too strong.

“About like yesterday,'' Dunn said of the level of discomfort. "I thought I’d feel a lot better than I am, but I'm not. It’s very disappointing, actually". . .

"I can function,'' Dunn said. "I didn’t get my leg chopped off. I can function, it’s just sore and kind of tough to move around. I definitely wasn’t going to stay at home, that’s for sure."

I wouldn't expect Dunn to return before the estimated date because an appendectomy will really affect his mid-section, and the twisting of a swing would probably aggravate that. But Dunn seems intent on getting back into the lineup, and we'll let you know when he does.

We'll have more information on Dunn's status as it becomes available in this stream. For more on the White Sox, check out South Side Sox.