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Ghosts of Chicago Bulls Past: Jerry Krause Heads To Arizona

What's up with all of the ghosts of Chicago Bulls past materializing in the news lately? First, Detroit Pistons loudmouth/elbow-thrower Bill Laimbeer does a bit of thinly veiled trash talking on Chicago sports radio earlier this week. Now Jerry Krause, the general manager who built, rebuilt and tore down, the Michael Jordan Era Bulls, is getting some press.


The not-so-lovable curmudgeon has been employed for less than a year as the director of international scouting for the Chicago White Sox. It's an important position given the scandal that rocked the Sox scouting department, resulting in a guilty plea for one count of mail fraud from former  Director of Player Development David Wilder.  A second defendant, Victor Mateo, has also pled guilty to one count of mail fraud.


Well, maybe Krause wants no part in cleaning up the mess or perhaps he just prefers the dry heat of the desert, because he's joining the Arizona Diamondbacks as special assistant to Jerry DiPoto, executive vice president of scouting and player development. So long, Jerry.