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Former Chicago White Sox Slugger Jermaine Dye Retires

Back in February, I wrote about the dilemma facing former Chicago White Sox outfielder Jermaine Dye. He's 37 years old. He has not appeared in an MLB game since playing a full season with the Sox in 2009. He reportedly received an offer from the Chicago Cubs to, presumably, play as a platoon/bench player in 2010. He turned down that offer. The Los Angeles Dodgers showed some interest this season but only on a minor league level. Now Jermaine's decision is made.


Yesterday, Dye told Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports that he's decided to retire. "I’m not disappointed at all," he told Rosenthal. "It’s unfortunate the way it ended. But I went out on my terms." That last sentence is debatable -- Dye seems to have wanted to play and admits that he "... didn't get any offers this year." But that's neither hither nor thither now.


Jermaine will go into baseball's history books with a career line of .274 batting average, .338 on-base percentage and .488 slugging percentage (.826 OPS, .353 wOBA) in 14 MLB seasons. He hit 325 home runs and drove in 1,072 runs. Best of all, as most Sox fans would be quick to point out, he was the 2005 World Series MVP. Best wishes to you, Jermaine, on a healthy and happy retirement.