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Chicago Sports One-Hitters: Ventura Makes His First Decision As White Sox Manager, Cubs Totally Like-Like Pujols (Or Not) And Barnaby Nails His Own Coffin

Take a quick look around the latest Chicago sports news with Z.W. Martin. All the juicy goodness following the jump.

Robin Ventura -- former Okie State third baseman, high school volunteer hitting coach and current White Sox skipper -- had something to say about OSU being shutout of the BCS National Championship.

"Well, is the system about who you lose to or who you beat?" Ventura replied.

"If that’s what it is, then that’s fine. But if it’s who you play and who you beat, then your schedule has to go into it. If you’re beating more BCS teams or FBS teams and if every week you have the ability to lose by any team that’s out there, and we’re playing tougher teams more often….

"I’m just stating a case."

That is... totally reasonable and well thought out. OSU, of course, had three more wins over AP top 25 teams than Alabama. So far Ventura is one-for-one in his managerial decisions. Something that's going to be important if Kenny decides to trade away, like, three of his best players.

Anyway, I guess if the Seahawks can make the NFL playoffs, then it's okay for the second best team in a division -- not conference -- deserves a nod too. Man, the SEC and BCS are truly the worst.

Also, Roy Kramer is probably the worst person still* involved college athletics.

*Totally saved myself there.


The Cubs have reportedly made an offer to Albert Pujols, but probably not, because they like Prince Fielder more, maybe. Offseason baseball!


Remember when (former) ESPN analyst and one-time Blackhawk Matthew Barnaby got into a bit of a tiff with his wife and had to serve 500 hours of community service? Do you also remember when I wrote him a list of things he could be doing instead of those 500 hours of community service? Well, he is going to have a whole lot more time to do those things after getting fire by ESPN for ignoring my advice, instead driving his Porsche on three tires while completely obliterated. Keep it real, Matthew Barnaby.


Lick the stamp!*

*It's my new thing. Like "kiss the baby" or "the fat lady is singing." Lick the stamp! Feel free to use it, NFL wide receivers everywhere.

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